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The Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans Gala

Every year the finest show dogs in Finland compete at the Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans charity Gala (CoC & VoV). The gala has been arranged for many years by the Helsinki Kennel Club. The aim of the gala is to support working dogs in their important work and to celebrate great show dogs.

The CoC & VoV gala is held at the Fur Centre in Vantaa on the 1st of February. This year 125 top winning show dogs and 75 top winning veterans have been invited to the gala. The pre-judging will begin at 2.30 p.m. in the afternoon, after this it will be time for the real gala to begin.

The CoC & VoV competition is similar to a match show. The dogs enter the show ring in pairs and the judges choose, which dog will continue to compete, the other dog is eliminated. This procedure is followed until there is only one pair left. The winner of the last pair matched is the Champion of Champions or the Veteran of Veterans. In between the judging there is a dinner. The gala lasts until approximately 11 p.m.

The Champion of Champions are Veteran of Veterans are chosen by three judges. The three judges judging the Champion of Champions have one vote each for every pair of dogs matched. They have to show their vote to the audience. The dog that gets the most votes wins.

The CoC & VoV is a festive gala and the handlers of the dogs as well as the audience are dressed accordingly. The dinner is a buffet dinner with wine. There are charity lotteries held during the evening and the public is given a try at guessing the winners.

The Champion of Champions and the Veteran of Veterans winners are both given the “Ada” dog statue sculptured by Aarre Lilja, trophies donated to the gala by the chairman of the board of the FCI, Mr Hans W. Müller and Johan Juslin, and a winner’s mantle.